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Surrounded by life, I have attempted to document people and what they do. I’m sure some don’t like being photographed and that’s the whole point. The challenge was to capture the shot as it really happened.

The following pictures were taken on various trips to places in England, showing people going about their business, resting and enjoying life.

Shot with a Leica M9-p 50mm Summicron & Jupiter 35mm.








Come One, Come All

Come one, come allCome one, come allBuild it and they will come. A famous saying that would be right at home describing London. I wonder if that one day it will become so crowded that no one else will get in?





ObviouslyObviouslyObviously they’re pedestrians but just for the sake of argument, how great would it be if their names were Anna and Penelope?





RestRestApparently, you can lose weight whilst sleeping. Guess she’s got all the bases covered then.




Silly Walks Practise

Silly Walks PracticeSilly Walks PracticeIt takes some front to practise silly walks in public.
Sir, I take my hat off to you.





PlayingPlayingIf a kid wants to play, he will do it. Wherever and whenever he wants to. You just have to put up with it. How come we get so inhibited when we grow up?





You See Sushi

You see SushiYou see SushiA Japanese restaurant in London’s chinatown. I wonder if they have food fights?





Odd One Out

Odd One OutOdd One OutProof that London is a multicultural society. It’s good that all types can get along.





Roll Up...

Roll up....Roll up....Roll up, Roll up! The old and the new side by side. Society needs to be entertained, it’s good that it happens.





Back to Front

Back to FrontBack to FrontSo many people in such a small space yet no one makes eye contact. You never know, you could make a new friend if only you tried.






GrainedGrainedIf this was crystal clear we could hazard a guess at this chaps state of mind. But it isn’t. He is now a man of mystery.






CroppedCroppedLife almost imitating art.






PlatePlateSomeone nicked her car. All she has left is the number plate. Having a smoke before the taxi arrives.





Various Ways of Doing Nothing

Various Ways of Doing NothingVarious Ways of Doing NothingThe statues here are just not happy with the chap sitting down. One even turns it’s back. I think they’re just as bad. They’ve probably not moved in a hundred years.






The Artist

PainterPainterTwo types of art in one picture.






The Wave

The WaveThe WaveIt’s hard to make friends in a big city. I applaud this guy who tried with everyone.







TherapyTherapyWhat the hell is an “Ear Candle”?.... and surely “Cupping” would warrant an assault charge?





Bag Shop

Bag ShopBag ShopJust behind the affluent district of Bishopsgate in London is a series of back streets that once were the slum areas of The real east end. Proper cockney territory. Most of those houses have gone now but some still remain. Often they were the ones used to run small businesses and offering supplies to the nearby Spitalfields market. This one has been renovated to how it must have looked 80 odd years ago, when it would have been supplying bags to the stall holders therein.





Brick Lane Style

Brick Lane StyleBrick Lane StyleBrick Lane, East London. If you’re in town, go there. Eat curry or bagels, enjoy the art.





On the Corner

On the CornerOn the CornerA break from lunch.






TaggedTaggedTaggers practise corner and a place for all those unwanted stickers. Well, they gotta go somewhere.





Turn Around

Turn AroundTurn AroundNice place to eat lunch, right under Tower bridge. Sorry I disturbed you mate.





Nothing Left to Say

Nothing Left to SayNothing Left to SayEven I have nothing to say. It’s catching.





Lock Out

Lock OutLock OutSecurity at this building really didn’t want this guy or anyone for that matter to smoke inside.





Market Square

Market SquareMarket SquareAll on the same seat but no one talking. It must be a family day out.





Florists Dash

Disappear into the shopDisappear into the shop






DiscussionDiscussionSomeone needs to sweep up.





Looking Out to See

Looking awayLooking away





Eating Out Nice Place to eatNice Place to eatIt’s comfortable though.





Posted PostedPostedAs if he’s not tall enough.






ShardShardReflecting the Shard.





Crossing the Street

Street CrossingStreet CrossingNice reflections. Thats all.





Weather Dependent Shop

Sunglasses For SaleSunglasses For SaleChecking the weather forecast wondering whether to get the brollys out instead.





The Juggler

PaperPaperRoll your own.





Waiting on Tables

Waiting on TablesWaiting on TablesTrying to drum up business outside a cafe.






RickshawRickshawI wonder if he has a top weight limit?





Democratic Way

Democratic WayDemocratic WayThe better way to get things done in this world.





Not Looking

Not LookingNot LookingA policeman turns his back on the real problem.





Map Check

MapcheckMapcheckIf you’re lost, ask a policeman.






RidesRidesTwo types of ride on the southbank.





She Wore White Pumps

Girls on the StreetGirls on the Street





Show & Tell

Selling the ShowSelling the ShowYou should never turn your back on comedy.






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